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The Future of Existing Buildings

Chelsea Group is a Hawaii-based building science consulting firm specializing in preserving and enhancing the mechanical infrastructure in existing commercial office, institutional, retail, and industrial facilities.  For more than 25 years, our building scientists and engineers have solved problems and found opportunities that add asset value to these properties. The Chelsea team is widely recognized for its thought leadership in sustainable, high performance buildings.


Through retrofits of existing mechanical equipment and systems, we make buildings more energy efficient, saving our clients money on their utility bills.

Are you spending too much money on your building’s energy?

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The Art of Building Science

Chelsea Group focuses building science on asset value and occupant satisfaction.  The application of good science and engineering to existing buildings allows us — and you — to take into account the whole facility, as well as its complex parts.  Working together to implement our recommendations, we can achieve a balance of performance, comfort, and aesthetics, resulting in greater property value and productivity.


Pearlridge Uptown Shopping Center

100% return on investment reflects improved value from new mechanical infrastructure

Clean Energy Ally Spotlight

Chelsea Group was highlighted as Hawaii Energy’s Clean Energy Ally for the month of March

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February 3 in Honolulu

The Future of Existing Buildings: Event Video

The Pacific Guardian Center

Energy Project of the Year Award 2016

The Association of Energy Engineers

Pearlridge Mall Central Plant Replacement


US Green Building Member Council


Hawaii Energy Clean Energy Ally
Corporate Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau 

Finding the Right Partner for the Job

Trust is vital when choosing a consultant for your building.  With Chelsea Group, you sign on for award-winning design and execution. In both 2015 and 2016, we won the Energy Project of the Year for Region V of the Association of Energy Engineers.  Our teams have helped more than 20 large properties, totaling over 14 million square feet, achieve their LEED Certification. Twenty-five years of maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships earns Chelsea Group its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


George Benda

Chairman & CEO

Senior Advisors

Dave Munn, PE, LEED AP, BCA

Senior Engineering Advisor

Dr. Wayne Thomann

Senior Health Care Advisor

Ken Brazzell, LEED AP

Senior Construction Advisor

Licensed Professional Engineers

Atma Bhawuk, PE, LEED AP

Mr. Bhawuk is a design team leader

Wyeth Crawford, PE, CBCP

Mr. Crawford is a commissioning team leader

LEED Accredited Professionals

Atma Bhawuk, LEED AP, PE

Mr. Bhawuk assist Chelsea clients in meeting technical requirements for LEED certification

Dricka Thobois, LEED AP

Mrs. Thobois is Chelsea Group’s LEED project administrator

Award-Winning Projects

Central Plant Optimization

The Queen’s Medical Center retained Chelsea Group in a series of central plant studies that began in 2008 and culminated in the Retro-commissioning and Central Plant Optimization. The net result was an annual saving rate that totals 687,013 kWh, which equates to electrical bill savings of $197,684.

Pearlridge Central Plant Replacement

Chelsea Group helped achieve 54% energy use reduction in the Pearlridge Mall with a complete central plant replacement. This project won Chelsea Group the 2016 Energy Project of the Year for Region 5 by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Other Projects

University of Illinois Chilled Water Plant

Chelsea Group consulted with Siemens contractors to upgrade 5,630 ton dual compressor centrifugal chillers, a 2,800 ton variable speed centrifugal chiller, two chilled water pumps with VFDs, two cooling tower cells with VFDs, and to expand the plant’s existing Delta V Control System.

Recommissioning a Mid-rise Office Building

REDICO retained Chelsea Group to conduct a comprehensive retrofit of their central plant, resulting in a 220,000 kWh per year savings. Chelsea Group analyzed building trends, and oversaw installation of extensive submetering of electricity and both chilled and condenser water flow and temperature. The rebates from Hawaii Energy covered 85% of the project costs, with payback on owner investment being reached after less than 5 months of documented savings.

Lighting Savings for Howard Hughes

Chelsea Group managed the installation of more than 700 LED fixtures and daylight control and motion sensors at the 7-story Ward Village Parking Garage. With this new technology, each light was adjusted based on actual need, resulting in a reduction from a usage of 200 watts per light/day to 6 watts per light during the day, and 17 watts per light during the night. Measured energy use reduction for the parking garage dropped by 93%, placing investment payback time at 1.2 years.

Robotic HVAC Investigation

Chelsea Group used robots to get visual insight into the HVAC system that was the source of complaints made by hospital tenants. The resulting project from the robotic investigation achieved unexpected energy savings, enabling a current state-of-the-art performance of the hospital exhaust system.





Knowledge brings value and power to building owners, managers, and operators.  Chelsea Group’s in-depth analysis offers insight and provides real solutions for challenges and opportunities in your building.  We conduct PCAs — Property Condition Assessments — as well as energy & IAQ audits, and CapEx planning, providing the vital knowledge necessary to make good financial and operational decisions.


Implementing recommendations within an existing building often requires custom design for major infrastructure improvements, such as chiller replacement or air handler replacement.  Chelsea Group engineers conduct detailed site investigations to determine existing conditions, updating or creating as-built drawings.  Combining knowledge of technology options with our comprehensive understanding of site conditions, our team — working closely with the owner to review and approve designs at each stage — develops cost-effective infrastructure improvements.  Following full approval, Chelsea Group engineers prepare construction documents for use in the procurement process.  These high-quality bid documents result in well-tuned contractor proposals.

Construction Management

The high-quality construction documents produced by our design team provide an effortless hand-off to our construction management team. Our professionals prequalify appropriate contracting resources with the owner, assist in bid solicitation, and recommend the best resources for the project. From pre-bid to selection, Chelsea Group focuses on quality and cost effectiveness. We chair the OEC — owner, engineer, contractor — meetings and actively track and guide construction through the challenges of existing conditions to achieve project goals.


Commissioning (Cx) is a process by which projects are tracked and measured — from beginning to end — against the owner’s goals and project specifications.  Our team develops an OPR — owner project requirements — and a BOD — basis of design — providing higher probability of an on-time, on-budget project.  Our commissioning agent starts reviewing a project at the onset of design and continues with field verification of contractor work throughout.  As the project construction nears completion, our team applies a systematic process of functional performance testing, resulting in demonstrable proof that the finished project meets owner’s expectations. Chelsea Group’s commissioning agent documents the entire process — from design through start-up — to achieve the best result, reporting it all for the owner.

On-going Services

Existing buildings have a continuous need for maintenance, as well as verification of peak efficiency operation.  We provide owners with on-going support, enabling them to keep building systems operating correctly.  When performance lags, our building scientists select the appropriate actions, maintaining thorough documentation of building energy use trends.  Many of our clients have chosen to seek recognition for their on-going efforts through certifications of the performance of their buildings, such as:

–LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council

–Energy Star Certification from the US EPA

–Energy Project of the Year awards from the Association of Energy Engineers

Our Team

George Benda

Chairman & CEO

Brent Cooper

Building Scientist

Colton Gorman

Building Scientist

Ryan Kohara

Building Scientist

Zack Main

Principle Building Scientist

Halle Senger

Building Scientist

Pat Benda

Chief Administrative Officer

Wyeth Crawford, PE, CBCP

Senior  Building Scientist

Victor Ho

Building Scientist Intern

William Morris

Building Scientist

Shelby Patton

Building Scientist

Dricka Thobois, LEED AP

Building Scientist

Atma Bhawuk, PE, LEED AP 

Senior Building Scientist

Liz Dalton

Building Scientist

Edith Kim

Project Administrator/ Office Manager

Tom Miske

Building Scientist

Lisa Reddinger

Senior Building Scientist

Shane Webb

Building Scientist

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